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Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burgers Recipe

by Jennifer McDonald
Smoky Bbq Black Bean Burgers Recipe

Veggie burgers are a tricky business. I made my first veggie burger about 2 years ago, and although they tasted pretty good, they weren’t sturdy enough. Ever since then, I’ve been on a mission. I’ve experimented with a different variety of beans/grains every week in hopes of making a blogworthy veggie burger. And this week, I made this Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burgers Recipe that I think turned out really well.

There have been chickpeas, lentils, brown rice, wheatberries, and quite a few others. Some held together well but fell flat in taste. Other tasted great and held together but just had a mushy texture. Oh, and if you’re wondering how poor Lance has been holding up after having to taste test all these burgers, he’s hanging in there. It’s a rough life he leads, being lead taste tester and all.

I’m happy to report that I’ve finally created one that deserves to be shared. It has a unique taste all on its own, although we loved it with a little bit of an all-natural BBQ sauce. I used Annie’s sweet and spicy. The spicy BBQ seasonings had just enough contrast with the sweetness of the carrots and the tanginess of the apple cider vinegar.

This Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burgers recipe was packed with protein from the quinoa, and black beans and the texture was chunky enough to seem very burger-ish. That sums up the aim of a good veggie burger, doesn’t it?

This Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burgers Recipe is the perfect dinner for such a hot, sunny day. I threw together a quick salad to get our veggie fix in there.

I made these a couple of nights ago, and the leftovers have made great wraps for our lunches. I just broke them in half and rolled them up with a bunch of veggies in an Ezekiel wrap, with a little BBQ sauce!

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