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Appetizing Sunny Garden Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Appetizing Sunny Garden Burgers

If only In-And-Out sold veggie burgers like these Appetizing Sunny Garden Burgers, I will travel far just to get them.

I’ll stop dreaming now. I’m more of a fan of homemade anyway. So there. Also, these sunny little beauties can easily be made with leftovers that you already have sitting around. Beans and rice are big staples here, so I already had some cooked and ready to go.

Got lunch? These are delicious. That’s what it was. I’ve always struggled with garden burgers. Taste and consistency don’t necessarily go hand and hand, after all. These ones, though, are, well, really good! Like holy sunflower good! Yes. You’re making them.

These burgers are vegan and oil-free and can easily be made gluten-free with gluten-free bread and gluten-free oats.

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