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Simple Black Bean Patty

by Jennifer McDonald
Simple Black Bean Patty

This isn’t my first tango with trying to find an acceptable bean “burger”. There are many bland options, but let me tell you how I came up with this black bean patty. Whole Foods has this hot bar with all kinds of healthy, yummy options. One of them was a black bean burger. It had a little bit of heat in it, and I could taste a little bit of tomato paste. But, it surpassed any bland ole bean burger I’d ever tried.

So, of course, as all good researchers do, I googled Whole Foods black bean patty, hoping I’d somehow come across the recipe. No such luck, but I did come across this one. But it was missing the heat and the tomato paste, so I played around with the ingredients and came up with today’s simple black bean patty recipe.

So I would consider this a light meal (but filling, for me anyway!). They’d be perfect to take for lunch. I think these could even work as a fancy side dish, maybe. And, I think these would also work great to freeze and cook whenever you need one (so perhaps double or triple to get your money’s worth).

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