Full of Flavour Paleo Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Full of Flavour Paleo Burgers

When you go Paleo, the first thing you always end up giving up is fast food. But, along with processed foods, it will have the most significant effect on your wellbeing. Suddenly you have lost all that saturated fat that your body was used to, and you can feel ten years younger just by making this change to your lifestyle. That’s why I made these Full of Flavour Paleo Burgers for you.

But if you give up on your processed foods and fast food, you are left without the burger. I mean, how can this be possible? We all love a burger, and it is the favourite food of many of us.

If you still want to have your burger, you will be surprised how healthy you can make it. And if you wanted to, you could have a burger seven days a week, 365 days a year. I don’t, as I would end up hating burgers if I did that, but having them once a week would be amazing.

In this Full of Flavour Paleo Burgers recipe, there are only two ingredients (your mince and your seasoning), and then you can add whatever garnish you like to go with it. I want to have mine with sliced cucumbers, but as it is still Paleo approved, don’t forget that you can have fried onions!

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