Healthy Protein-Packed Turkey Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Healthy Protein-Packed Turkey Burgers

So the other week, while grocery shopping, I picked up a 99% lean ground turkey breast package and thought, “what if I mix all my standard salad ingredients into this turkey and made protein-packed turkey burgers for lunch?”. I mean, it’s just spinach and olive oil, right? How bad can that be? No worse than that awful, cold, boring salad anything was better than that, so I figured it was worth the shot.

These Healthy Protein-Packed Turkey Burgers are so good and so surprisingly satisfying! They’re incredibly flavorful and delicious hot or cold, which is superb if you typically eat your lunch while on the go like I always do!

I’ve eaten these between a soft, squishy whole wheat bun with a little bit of mustard, rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla, then pressed like a panini wrap and straight-up plain, wrapped up cold in a square of tin foil straight out of my cooler while driving to work.

The subtle olive oil flavour is the star of the show, and the vibrant green spinach flowing throughout reminds you that you’re fueling your body both deliciously and healthfully! 

I hope you give these Healthy Protein-Packed Turkey Burgers a try and enjoy them as much as I do! They make a great mid-day meal, dinner, and even a post work out snack! 

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