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Easy Cheese Sauce

by Jennifer McDonald
Easy Cheese Sauce

This easy cheese sauce is so creamy and delicious that it makes any burger taste like a treat! But it’s simple enough to add to any weeknight supper.

This cheese sauce is made with just four ingredients, and you probably have them all already: butter, flour, milk and cheese, plus a little salt and pepper. You can add other seasonings like garlic powder or even some red pepper flakes to suit your tastes. And you can use your family’s favourite cheese, too.

I went with a marbled Colby Jack this time because I love how easily Monterrey jack cheese melts. But, of course, cheddar is always an excellent choice, and pepper-jack would be a great twist! When you’re melting cheese into a sauce, though, it’s always a good idea to shred it yourself.

Pre-shredded cheese includes a coating on it, so the cheese doesn’t clump together in the bag, but the coating doesn’t melt very well and can end up making a gritty sauce. But honestly, shredding the cheese is the most challenging part and definitely worth your effort.

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