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Ultimate Spicy Bean Burger Recipe

by Jennifer McDonald
Ultimate Spicy Bean Burger Recipe

When I asked my dad, a professional chef, how to make bean burgers, he jokingly suggested going to Aldi. Unfortunately, the Internet wasn’t much more helpful – pretty much every veggie burger recipe I came across used potato as the main ingredient. Considering I’ll usually eat a burger with a bread bun, and if I’m being really naughty, fries, I didn’t want the extra carbs. So I ended up with this healthy Ultimate Spicy Bean Burger Recipe you’ll love as well!

After my cauliflower base pizza was a hit, I thought I’d turn to my trusty cruciferous vegetable friend again. And it worked perfectly. Cauliflower, carrot and tomato act as super tasty glue holding the kidney beans and chickpeas together. The result? A delicious, low-carb, high-protein, slightly spicy burger with a distinctly Mexican feel that you can enjoy guilt-free. Add cheese, salsa, a lightly-toasted bun and a cold beer, and you’ll be the most popular person at the barbeque, buffet or family meal.

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