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The Ultimate Veggie Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
ultimate veggie burger

So this ultimate veggie burger recipe has been in the making for a while. I must have adjusted it a million times. But fear not! It is now the most delicious veggie burger you will ever have! Trust me!

I wasn’t going to post it just yet, but a friend of mine, whom I had over for a healthy cooking lesson a few days ago, insisted that this must be my next post as she has never tasted a veggie burger this good!

She also pointed out that this ultimate veggie burger even looks a lot like a regular burger thanks to the beetroot, so if you’re not sure about all the green burgers, you should have no qualms with this one.

Apart from being delicious, this bad boy is also insanely good for you. All ingredients are natural and bursting with vitamins. You will feel energised and positively glowing.

The recipe below makes quite a few burgers (about 7 or 8), so you can make individual patties and freeze them to have them ready for when you’re back from work and stuck for ideas for dinner. Easy peasy!

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