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Chipotle Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Chipotle Burgers

My chipotle burgers can be whipped up in ten minutes or less. The longest part of this recipe is forming the hamburger patties. It’s cheap, it’s so yummy, and it saves you the guilt and stomach ache of taking out fast food.

You can use any skillet that isn’t nonstick for this. If you use nonstick, the hamburger patties will not char and be as tasty. It’s important to heat up the pan before putting your burgers down because they are so thin they cook fast, and you want them to char a little bit. Alternatively (and preferably), you can cook these on the grill.

These Chipotle Burgers are delicious. Even if you’re like me and not a fan of pepper sauce, you should give this a try.

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