Zucchini-Salmon Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
Zucchini-Salmon Burger

Do you love salmon? Your mouth will water when you see this fantastic zucchini-salmon burger we will make today. But don’t stop here; you can also make them at home in minutes. Fresh and natural ingredients are key in this easy recipe. The salmon burger can be cooked on a pan for 3 minutes per side or grilled in the oven or BBQ– it’s such a versatile fish, and it is always moist and tasty.

If you are new to salmon burgers, you have to try the complete zucchini-salmon burger with pickles, lettuce and a spoon of hummus and don’t forget the bun! We love to make them in bulk and have some in the fridge for a couple of days. Sometimes we go for the full version with the bun, but we just pair it with a green salad on the side and some homemade hummus, a healthy and delicious dinner.

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