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Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack

by Jennifer McDonald
Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack

Mashed black beans and cheese coated with panko breadcrumbs make a perfect vegetarian alternative for a hamburger. Don’t want spicy? Just substitute your favourite cheese for the pepper jack in this Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack recipe.

I know that this will surprise many people, but I used to be a vegetarian. I was vegetarian for about two years when I was in my mid-20’s and then off and on several times after that. So when my blood sugar started getting really out of whack, my endocrinologist partly blamed my meat-free diet. Since I wasn’t eating a lot of protein, I was filling up with carbs which are turned into sugars when you digest them.

At the time, I did not like beans in pretty much any form, but, to be fair, my only exposure to beans were in prepackaged items. My thought process was something along the lines of “If I don’t like frozen bean burritos, why should I hassle myself by cooking beans to make them at home?” This was true of other frozen bean-based items such as black bean burgers.

I would try bean-based items at restaurants now and then and would be disappointed every time. Black bean burgers always seemed to be flavourless mush that would squeeze off the bun like toothpaste when bitten into or would so dry and hard that there wasn’t enough ketchup in the world to save them.

After making slow cooker “refried” beans, though, I realized beans weren’t as bad as I thought they were. When cooked properly, they were downright amazing, which is why I started adding them into other recipes, like enchiladas.

I went out for lunch the other day, and on the menu, they had Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack. I’d had them there before, and they fell into the flavourless bean mush category. So I commented that I could make them better.
So, I did this better Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack.

I wanted to make a patty that was firm but not dry, moist but not mushy, and flavorful. I was scared that the patty would dry out if I cooked the patties until the outside was crunchy. But then I figured a panko coating on the patty’s outside would help give this Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack a crunch without drying the patty out.

It worked! Yay! I hope you’ll like this Black Bean Burger With Pepper Jack recipe I made.

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