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Grilled Onion Burger

This is definitely not a dish you want to be making if you plan on kissing anyone for the day. However, as long as you take that into consideration, this onion burger is delicious and well worth the occasional foregoing of a kiss from a loved one.

I’ve been told that this idea originally hails from Oklahoma. There are several ways I’ve seen them made, and this is personally the style that I prefer. The other version has an equal amount of onion, but they are all piled on top of the burger as it cooks, then flipped under it to cook the other side. This leaves the burger nice and charred on one side and steamed on the other.

Not the best mouthfeel, in my opinion. I prefer to cut up an onion and cook it as though it were another burger patty. It stays together, and as you can see, it caramelizes perfectly. Try this onion burger to see for yourself.

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