Not Your Ordinary Turkey Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Not Your Ordinary Turkey Burgers

So we promised you healthy recipes for autumn. Neither of us is big meat-eaters. I think that has something to do with the fact that we’d prefer something sweet over something savory any day. Even though we don’t eat much meat, our guys still like to eat meat; why can’t they love dessert as much as us? So, back to the point. So this whole not your ordinary turkey burgers idea started when our friend Sarah mentioned how she made them once with a packet of The Good Seasons Italian dressing mix.

Last night we built up the courage to give it a try. We added a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and low and behold, they came out fantastic!

Our guys are picky when it comes to their meat, but guess what? They gave them a 10! Maria’s husband even said, “When you told me you were making turkey burgers, I expected them to be gross, but these are awesome!”

We are so proud of ourselves, and you will be too when you give these Not Your Ordinary Turkey Burgers a try! Even if you are a red meat lover, you will fall head over heels for these turkey burgers.

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