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Lentil Patties

by Jennifer McDonald
Lentil Patties

We love these lentil patties. I made up the recipe based on some potato cakes I used to make, where the mashed potatoes are mixed with egg, flour and spices and then fried.

The best part is that they’re very satisfying. These patties are a lot like burgers. They’re almost meaty in texture, with a crunchy outside and a softer inside. They even look meaty without using any weird faux meat products. Just all-natural ingredients, easily combined, for a super cheap, delicious main dish.

These lentil patties are great with some barbecue sauce or any sauce, really, and they make good sandwiches. They also go well on top of a salad, added to casseroles after baking and as a substitute for things like meatballs or sausage. I like to break them up into bite-sized bits, making them very “pop”.

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