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Gluten-Free Salmon and Potato Patties

by Jennifer McDonald
Gluten-Free Salmon and Potato Patties

When I started cooking, I made an elaborate version of salmon patties with lime zest, dill and scallions. After trying a gluten-free diet, I couldn’t make the traditional patty held together with saltine crackers and dusted in all-purpose flour. I discovered that mashed potatoes made an excellent binder (no need for eggs, flour or crushed up crackers) and also helped to make these more economical for weeknight meals as I was working my way through college. That’s why I learned to do this salmon and potato patties recipe.

Salmon patties are my go-to comfort food recipes when I feel homesick or need a quick meal that I know by heart. It’s also infinitely adaptable. Lime or lemon zest jazzes it up, and mayo can be added to the mix for an extra bit of indulgent, buttery flavour. Add chopped fresh dill, parsley, chives or a dash of Old Bay seasoning. Or, keep it simple and stick with salmon, potatoes and saltines. Just don’t forget the scallions. (I promise, they’re worth it.)

When I was a kid, we ate salmon patties with ketchup and a side of oven fries. I usually serve these salmon and potato patties with a big green salad or veggies like broccoli or asparagus.

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