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Inside-Out Upside-Down Grilled Lamb Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
grilled lamb burger

I think the secret to making this Inside-Out Upside-Down Grilled Lamb Burger a genuinely outstanding burger is preparing the ingredients you’ll use to flavour it “inside”. Hence, they compliment the flavour of the meat and don’t argue with it. (I like the image that phrase conjures up.) For example, I like the taste of onions and especially enjoy caramelized onions. So I prepared a small yellow onion by slicing and caramelizing it well in advance to cool off before adding it to the uncooked ground lamb.

Grilling the burgers on scorching grill grates ensure sear marks and that means added flavour – then removing to finish cooking off of direct heat to ensure they don’t dry out! So enjoy this grilled lamb burger with the rest of your family!

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