Greasy Fried Burger Recipe

by Jennifer McDonald
Greasy Fried Burger Recipe

Every once in a while, the only thing that will do is an old-fashioned fried burger. There’s something special about a fried burger that even a well-executed grilled burger can’t match. I hope you enjoy this recipe. The minimal extra efforts – internal seasoning, square shape, rolled-thin patty, and oven-warmed fresh bun – make all the difference in the world.

If I tell you that good eating habits help us live longer, healthier lives, your first reaction will probably be, “tell me something I don’t know.” But, of course, we all understand the correlation between the quality and quantity of food consumption and health. Still, it’s one thing to acknowledge a truth intellectually and quite another thing to take it to heart and apply it in practical ways.

Of course, very few people have the mental discipline to adopt and maintain “best practices” eating habits. There will always be a debate over the best way to eat, but most would not argue with the merits of adopting a non-processed-food diet primarily consisting of fresh vegetables and lean meats. But who among us can do this at all times? I know myself well enough to admit. A well-balanced approach to eating is the only way to work for me, and I suspect many other people feel the same way. Here’s what I mean.

Most of the time, I eat with my health in mind. Fresh vegetables are a significant component of my diet. Quite often, I will grill or sauté a salmon filet for dinner. In addition, I consume fresh green juices daily. However, on occasion, I prefer a meal on the opposite end of the spectrum to add some balance – a meal unapologetically high in fat, sugar, or, even better, both. There is no better meal for this purpose than a fried burger, and I’m about to tell you the best way to make this greasy fried burger. Trust me.

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