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blue cheese burger

This blue cheese burger may be the best burger I’ve ever had. I may be slightly overwhelmed with its awesomeness. It was created one day many months ago when one of my impromptu Sunday food nights happened, and I scrounged up these components from the nether regions of my packed fridge.

It’s so big that it is a sin to eat the entire thing, and yet you will. You will eat every last bit and then lick your fingers clean while lamenting the fact that you just ate the whole thing. But it will have been worth it, so you go right ahead with my blessing. You deserve this blue cheese burger!

The jumping-off point in this blue cheese burger recipe is my spicy Sriracha bacon. I chopped up some and put it inside the burger and then topped it off with more strips of the stuff.

This massive thing of beauty has blue cheese, caramelized onions, jalapenos, and an ungodly amount of that ridiculous bacon.

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