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Chicken Parmigiana Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
Chicken Parmigiana Burger

This chicken parmigiana burger is a beautiful fusion of Italian and American cuisines and one which I’m sure neither nation would be particularly proud of! However, I dare either to dislike it!

Upon devouring, you’ll surely wonder why you’ve never put chicken parmigiana between bread before! It has everything necessary for the makings of a winning burger – the chicken is crisp, the Neapolitan style sauce is tangy and chunky, and the mozzarella is oozy, stringy, and cheesy – perfect!

The kids will adore the egging and breading process, and I’m certain you’ll find a fair amount of joy in the chicken breast bashing, too – there’s something oddly stress-relieving about this Chicken Parmigiana Burger!

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