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Brie and Bacon Sliders

by Jennifer McDonald
Brie and Bacon Sliders

Brie and bacon sliders are great for feeding a crowd. They’re simple, don’t take much effort, are ready in less than 10 minutes, and you can fit a fair few of them on a flat top griddle.

I mean, everyone loves a good burger, right? Sliders are very similar to burgers, but they are essentially meat patties splatted onto a hot griddle and smashed a bit with a wallpaper scraper.

Yes, a wide wallpaper scraper (that’s not been used for scraping walls!) is my burger-making weapon of choice. They’re great for flipping burgers, and they’re great for scraping the gnarly bits from around the edge of the burger without it falling apart. They’re also great for squishing burgers down a little bit during the cooking process.

This brie and bacon sliders recipe uses my simple burger buns to hold the sliders together. They’re sturdy and substantial enough to handle both the burger and fillings without falling apart, provided you toast them slightly before piling the filling inside.

After all, you don’t want your brie and bacon sliders that are already starting to fall apart when you’re taking your first bite. You want your slider in your mouth and not down your front!

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