Greek Lamb Burger

You know when you get a craving, and you just have to fulfil it? That’s what brought on this Greek lamb burger recipe. When I was living in England, lamb made it on the menu pretty regularly, and while I was super leery at first, I eventually came around to the idea and even started to love lamb. Sadly, it isn’t exactly the most popular meat in these parts, but once I had it in my mind to eat a lamb burger, I just couldn’t squash the idea.

So on Friday night, I walked down to my local supermarket in hopes of a prepared or already formed lamb burger patty. No such luck. This meant that if I really wanted a lamb burger, I would have to make it myself!

When I think of lamb, I think of two things, mint and feta. So I bought my lamb and a couple of other ingredients, and off home, I went to make up my first Greek lamb burger. I must say it turned out just as good as I was hoping! So if you are feeling a little adventurous or just need a change from your usual beef or turkey burger, give this Greek lamb burger a try; you won’t regret it!

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