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Mexican Burger

Mexican Burger is a healthy and delectable recipe that I always love to eat. Aside from the great satisfaction it gives, it will also help you in building muscles.

Well, it’s a fact that the majority of us loves to eat burgers. But we all know that burgers would be better if it is made up of healthy ingredients. The only way to make sure that we are not eating unhealthy burgers is by way of learning to make our patties. In this case, you will no longer buy ready-made patties in your local stores and wonder what they are made of.

Making your own healthy burger patties may consume some of your time, but you would know that it would be satisfying enough to see and to know what’ your patties are made from. Since we are very much concerned with our health, we must understand what you feed your family.

So I’ve compiled the healthiest ingredients so we could make a healthy yummy Mexican burger. 

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