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Three-Ingredient Quarter Pound Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
quarter pound burger

What’s the key to a great quarter pound burger? First and foremost, the meat. It comes as no surprise that the quality and composition of the meat makes or breaks a burger. It needs to have a decent amount of fat and should be grass-fed & pastured — in my experience, the grass-fed/pastured stuff has far superior flavour and texture. Plus, it’s better for you. 

So you’ve got your quality beef in hand; now you need to add a bunch of seasonings, diced onion, and other ingredients to it, right? Wrong. I mean, you can add that stuff, but the only thing great meat really needs is salt.

Speaking of cooking, a quarter pound burger must be cooked on a grill over an open flame, right? Wrong again. I’ve found that a skillet on high heat makes for a juicier burger with a nice salty crust. And, if you’re feeling saucy, cooking it in a bit of butter or coconut oil puts it over the top.

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