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Beef and Bacon Burger

Making burgers is so much fun, and you can invite all your friends to have a mini burger factory! It is not difficult to make burgers, and the great thing is that you can add whatever you want! We added onion, bacon, salad, tomato and cheese – delicious for today’s beef and bacon burger!

Of course, you can go to the butcher and buy pre-made burger meat so that the shape and consistency are ready to be cooked, but there is no better burger than a homemade burger!

Also, a great kitchen utensil is a burger-press, which I bought for one Euro in Germany. You press your meat inside and then squish it, and it becomes a nice patty. If you don’t have a BBQ, no worries, it works just as well in a pan.

Just serve the beef and bacon burger with chips or put some frozen oven fries in the oven – they taste just fine with burgers! I mean, after all, burgers are not considered a low-fat meal – you might as well go all out! Comfort food all the way!

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