Decadent Cherry Salsa Beef Burgers

by Jennifer McDonald
Decadent Cherry Salsa Beef Burgers

This Decadent Cherry Salsa Beef Burgers recipe is most definitely inspired by the recent hobbies that I’ve taken up; I’m en route to becoming salsa queen! It is so addictive I’ve even started to listen to bachata songs during my working day. It is summer season, so soak up the sun with a BBQ and jazz up your burgers with this sweet, tangy cherry salsa. Maybe a dance afterwards?

Cherries are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, making them a good recovery choice post-workout (this salsa would also go great with salmon, which always helps me recover) and protect you against diseases. Cherries also help you sleep better because they contain melatonin, a hormone that helps control your sleep-wake cycles, making this dish a great dinner choice.

I had Cherry Salsa Beef Burgers with a salad as I didn’t want anything too heavy. For a proper meal, add some sweet potato fries and a portion of peas. Yum!

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