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Sweet Potato Patties

by Jennifer McDonald
Sweet Potato Patties

This sweet potato patties recipe is simple as it uses one of my most favourite vegetables – sweet potato. This is one of those meals you cook up when you need a hug from your food. Sweet potato is like the Mum of vegetables. It’s comforting, as well as a superstar at making your belly feel full, happy and relaxed when you’re sad or stressed (or maybe that’s just me).

Sweet potato is a complex carb. Complex carbs, unlike their simpleton relatives, are broken down slowly. This means that their energy is provided to you at a gradual, steady pace rather than all at once. This keeps you satisfied and helps you avoid those 3:30 pm must-eat-everything-in-sight munchies.

Well, that’s your little sweet potato lesson for the day. Enjoy this sweet potato patties recipe.

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