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Coconut Milk Vegetable Curry

by Jennifer McDonald
vegetable curry

This Coconut Milk Vegetable Curry is super healthy (no oil at all!), only requires one pot and comes together in just about 30 minutes. It is not too spicy but packs a deep and flavorful kick.

This was my first time toasting spices— just heat a skillet on high heat, throw in the spices and toss them around for a minute or so. It was so fun making this coconut milk and vegetable curry and made the house smell amazing. 

I switched up the veggies instead of using whatever looked good to me at the co-op—crisp cauliflower, bright purple asparagus on sale, locally grown spinach and my good friend, bok choy. I also used sriracha and extra lemongrass instead of worrying about red chiles and kaffir lime leaves. This is a very flexible dish, so feel free to be creative!

Use whatever veggies you like or have on hand. Mess with the spices and the spiciness. Maybe add peanut butter or extra ginger or curry paste. Use your intuition, really anything goes! Just throw everything in the pot, mix it up, and keep experimenting until it tastes delicious to you.

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