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Spicy Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger

by Jennifer McDonald
Spicy Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger

I’m no grilling expert, but I must say I did a pretty fine job on this Spicy Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger!

A few things to note to help with this Spicy Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger recipe and other future grilled chicken recipes; cooking chicken at this temperature for this amount of time with the chicken breasts pounded down before placing them on the grill should allow the chicken to get a bit brown and charred without making it tough and dry.

If you feel the chicken is not all the way cooked after the recommended amount of cooking time, move the chicken pieces to a side of the grill with no burners on. Shut the grill lid, and allow the chicken to finish cooking through. If you have a food thermometer, the inside of the chicken should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit when cooked through.

This was a quick, simple, and tasty recipe that could be thrown together in no time on a busy weeknight. I’m all about quick-and-easy recipes, as I’m sure most of you are. But quick-and-easy doesn’t have to mean boring-and-redundant. I find myself falling into the ole’ “baked chicken with salt and pepper” routine when I’m in a pinch. This isn’t bad, but I get bored with it. The cayenne pepper and the spicy cheese gives this Spicy Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger a kick while the pineapple cools it down. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

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